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Deletion of the singer from the catalog

You have noticed some singers, which by some reason has been out of business and don’t work anymore on Ukrainian market? Possibly, you think that some singers, which take participation in the poll, do not fit the “Male singer” category?

Please select the singers which not work, or not fit the category, and they will be deleted after review by administration.
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id161384-Натали Рева Натали Рева from the phone
Melovin ❤❤❤
Nadia (*.86.81) comments positively on MÉLOVIN from the phone +1
Меловін кращіи люблю❤️❤️❤️❤…
Natasha_ Natasha_ from the phone +1
Алексей Кузнецов ЛУЧШИЙ !!!👌👌👌👍👍👍…
tsobaoksana tsobaoksana +2
Ольга (*.208.116) comments on MÉLOVIN +2
Меловин не обыкновенный человек и прекрасный артист!!!
Лecя_Meлoвинaтop Лecя_Meлoвинaтop comments positively on MÉLOVIN +2
Melovin one love!!! Меловинаторы рулят!
VanillaIce VanillaIce comments positively on MÉLOVIN +2
Irina_Gladarenko Irina_Gladarenko comments positively on Oleg Vinnyk from the phone
Гордість країни😗
Яна Сорока (*.132.197) comments positively on Oleg Vinnyk from the phone +1
Олег Винник – найкращий співак України
Genulichka Genulichka comments positively on MÉLOVIN from the phone +2
costicyn costicyn comments positively on MÉLOVIN +4
id157334-Светлана Огреба Светлана Огреба comments positively on MÉLOVIN +2
MELOVIN кращий
Lily2142 Lily2142 +1
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