New persons in the Expert Jury
During the week the special Jury of the trade marks Award “Favorites of Success – 2017” has enriched by 1 of the industry Expert and 1 member of the starry Celebrities Jury.
category votes comments
Chewing gum 83 51
Groats 74 2
Chocolate bar 68 70
Condiments and spices 68 89
Candies in a box 62 30
Chocolate candy bar 58 33
Milk 58 44
Pasta (noodles, spaghetti) 56 42
category votes comments
Women’s clothing online-store 68 46
Carrier services 42 43
Weather forecast 37 8
Bulletin Board 36 3
Internet banking 36 10
category votes comments
Jewelry brand 41 56
Pyrotechnics, fireworks 34 6
Sand animation 32 5
Building and home improvement supermarket 28 84
Hypermarket 28 1
Supermarket 23 2
category votes comments
Young talent 418 779
Male singer 354 2854
Female singer 224 1995
Рок-група 199 9
Male band 198 948
category votes comments
Music channel 32 34
Internet-gloss about show business 28 72
National TV-channel 26 31
City life, fashion and culture web-site 21 0
Entertainment channel 21 31
News channels 21 10
Partners of the Favorites of Success Award
Kiev International Institute of Sociology (KIIS)Marketing research company InMindApteka weekly magazineTM L’Oréal ParisBrutto magazineVittel – Французька столова вода преміум-класуPerrier – Premium mineral waterThe first portal about marketing and advertising in Ukraine «»Sports from around the world on the «Sport 1» and «Sport 2» TV channelsKharkiv city portal – everything with DelightПортал продовольчої промисловості «Мир продуктов»Medicine portal «MedDovidka»Kiev Internet Directory «Useful Card»Телеканал «КРТ» – популярний інформаційно-просвітницкий телеканалPatent Bureau of M.Sc. Daniel – Путівник у світі особистих фінансівAssociation of the Corporative media of UkraineІнтернет-видання «БІЗРЕЛІЗ»ТМ БіоконPink.uaЩотижневик «Україна БізнесРевю»Журнал «Финансовые услуги»«Claustrophobia» – quests in reality #1 in the world!Gaganews — інтерактивний розважальний портал про зірок шоу бізнесуЖурнал «Грушевского 5» — незалежне видання про роботу українського і світових парламентівМережа — Internet portal about drinksГрупа рекламно-комунікаційних агентств IQ GroupWoman magazine — Smart gloss for women of the new formation
During last week the Experts Jury of the trade marks award “Favorites of Success – 2017” has been enriched by 1 of the industry specialists, the profiessional experts of different areas of consumer market! Read more...
Igor Ivanchenko – Директор і продюсер музичної компании Life Records, офіційний продюсер України, член асоціації діячів естрадного мистецтва України та член журі міжнародних фестивальних конкурсів
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New members of Celebrities Jury
During last week the mission of the “Favorites of Success” Award has supported 1 new member of the starry Celebrities Jury, who pointed their personal preferences in the number of nominations! More...
Dmytro Harbuz – Співак, актор
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InformationThe “Favorites of Success” Award based on a public rating of consumer preferences and defines the best and the most recommended products and services on Ukrainian market. Results of multilevel nationwide polls are published annually at the