New persons in the Expert Jury
During the week the special Jury of the trade marks Award “Favorites of Success – 2019” has enriched by 5 of the industry Experts and 6 members of the starry Celebrities Jury.
category votes comments
Chewing gum 29 53
Condiments and spices 24 94
Flour 22 3
Groats 22 7
Bakery products 20 2
Confectionery company 19 0
Chocolate bar 18 72
Honey 17 20
category votes comments
Kid’s stuff online store 9 63
Clothing online store 8 89
Bank 7 48
Internet banking 7 11
Shoes online-store 7 0
category votes comments
Medical clinic 36 36
Jewelry store 18 115
Cleaning services 13 37
Taxi services (mobile application) 7 4
Pizzeria 6 35
Ukrainian fast-food 6 22
category votes comments
Male singer 41 2997
Female singer 16 2007
Male band 13 952
Young talent 13 822
TV-show host 12 232
category votes comments
National TV-channel 9 33
Radio channel 7 119
Cars portal 6 12
Real estate portal 5 0
Building, constructions and home improvement portal 4 18
Children’s channel 4 8
Partners of the Favorites of Success Award
During last week the Experts Jury of the trade marks award “Favorites of Success – 2019” has been enriched by 5 of the industry specialists, the profiessional experts of different areas of consumer market! Read more...
Александр Гайдаш – Науковий співробітник Інституту зернових культур НАН України. Селекціонер кукурудзи, в.о. завідувача лабораторією фізіології рослин і методів селекції
Наталія Коваль – Директор Парку «Київська Русь»
Михайло Шарков – Заступник виконавчого директора ГО «Союз споживачів України»
Олена Ткаченко – Психолог, приватна практика
Kirill Savchenko – Stylist for magazines Pink, XXL, JOY & Glory
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New members of Celebrities Jury
During last week the mission of the “Favorites of Success” Award has supported 6 new members of the starry Celebrities Jury, who pointed their personal preferences in the number of nominations! More...
Andriy Kniaz – Співак
Божена Дар – Singer
Yaroslav Boruta – Народний артист України, президент Благодійного фонду «Мистецький храм», засновник та організатор телефестивалю «Всеукраїнська народна пісенна премія «Галицький шлягер», та Міжнародного благодійного дитячого фестивалю «Мистецький храм»
Oksana Stebelska – Singer
Павел Лемец – Головний редактор «Твій Шанс»
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InformationThe “Favorites of Success” Award based on a public rating of consumer preferences and defines the best and the most recommended products and services on Ukrainian market. Results of multilevel nationwide polls are published annually at the