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H_Oa H_Oa +1
ku4erava ku4erava comments positively on (Roshen)
! , , , ))
Ole4ka.Dnepr Ole4ka.Dnepr
, ....
jannysa jannysa
5 , , -
Hecepoa Hecepoa comments positively on Merci (Storck) from the phone
hip8 hip8 comments on (AVK Confectionery Company)
! )
Una Una comments positively on Chocmod
. .
sunbell sunbell comments positively on Fazer ( )
epoa epoa
TaniaSav TaniaSav
. ( ). Roshen? .
a a
Byc4a Byc4a
argentina argentina
, . !
Lana222 Lana222 comments positively on (AVK Confectionery Company)
, . . " .
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