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Pending audit resultsThe survey results in this category is currently being tested by independent auditors: a marketing research company InMind and the Kiev International Institute of Sociology (KIIS).
Complete, comprehensive ratings of contestants will be available at public shortly after processing the questionnaires of Experts and Celebrities Juris. Prior to completion of the audit, only results of survey of an Internet-auditory are available.
InMind and KIIS
Consumers survey results of 2018 in category
Internet editions / Building, constructions and home improvement portal
Info The annual ratings by results of Consumers (Internet-auditory) survey calculated as average arithmetic mean rank, obtained in each of 4 quarters of year.
I quarter (january—march)
II quarter (april—june)
III quarter (july—september)
IV quarter (october—december)
1. ProRemont Link 33.03% 5
2. Link 26.61% 3.40
3.   18.35% 2.94
4. Link 12.84% 1.92
5.  Link 9.17% 1.55
6.  Link 7.34% 1.32
7. Build Portal Link 7.34% 1.23
8. Link 9.17% 1.17
9. NewBud Link 8.26% 1.077
10. Link 5.5% 1.076
11. Link 8.26% 1.069
12. Link 7.34% 0.931
13.  Link 2.75% 0.459
14. Link 2.75% 0.318
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Is the list of participants incomplete or inaccurate?
Some participant is not listed, or vise versa, its necessary to remove the nominee which has gone out of market? Please inform the organizers of the survey about that!

Normed consumers score are calculated by 5-score scale, accordingly to the methodic of the research.
The participant which took the 1st place in this rating is by opinion of Ukrainian consumers is the best choice in 2018, recommendation of consumers #1 in the category Building, constructions and home improvement portal.
Using this rating is only possible with obligatory link to the source.  Details…
Leader of this rating has an opportunity to get benefits of the rights and privileges of winner, the Favorite of Consumers. The winner may be represented in the status of the best choice in the category Building, constructions and home improvement portal, and receive an award, a gold medal Favorite of Success 2018, on an annual awards ceremony, along with the right to use its image in the advertising and labeling.  Details…
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H_Aece H_Aece comments positively on ProRemont
. , . . , .
Ee_Kpao Ee_Kpao comments positively on ProRemont +1
. : , , . -
op_ao op_ao comments positively on ProRemont +2
. , , , . ! , , !!!
Bop_Beeea Bop_Beeea comments positively on ProRemont +3
! , . . , - .
marina.omelyanenko marina.omelyanenko +2 +++
id157874-Alexander Omelyanenko Alexander Omelyanenko comments positively on ProRemont +2
Bop_Kaae Bop_Kaae comments on ProRemont +2
! , ! !
whome whome +4
Evgeniya_lyt Evgeniya_lyt comments positively on ProRemont from the phone +4
. )
Olya-agama Olya-agama comments on ProRemont +3
ProRemont. , ... ! !)
Kovshun Kovshun comments on ProRemont +3 to proremont +1
! !
DkNeeD DkNeeD , ?
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