By the conditions of the competition, the membership of experts committee being formed strictly in accordance with the original methodics. All experts are guarantee the qualitative and unprejudiced valuation of contest’s participants with their professionalism and the good name.

Specialists of 2019 in “Office appliances” category(11)
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Blogger in IT-Woman
Also specialist in following section:
Voted in 41 nominations.
Abstained in 2 of them.
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Інженер-електронщик компанії «Юнісістем», виробника фіскального та нефіскального торгового електронного обладнання
Also specialist in category
Appliances & Electronics
Rated the contestants in 40 nominations.
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Заступник виконавчого директора ГО «Союз споживачів України»
Gave vote in 20 nominations.
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Редактор проекту, присвяченого новітнім технологіям в Мережі, новинам телеком-ринку та гаджетам
Also specialist in following section:
Appliances & Electronics
Voted in 25 nominations.
Abstained in 1 of them.
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Doctor of Engineering Sciences, Associate Professor, Department of Radio Engineering and Information Security, Yuriy Fedkovych Chernivtsi National University
Also specialist in following section:
Appliances & Electronics
Voted in 20 nominations.
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