Unknown column 'user.last_ip' in 'field list' The Honor Board of active voters 2019
On the “Honor Board” could appear any registered user of FAVOR.com.ua, participant of public polls, who has been voted in 100 or more categories of products and services, each of them is the nomination of the Favorites of Success Award. People who appear on the Honor Board, automatically take participation in various promo-actions and prize contests from the Favorites of Success Award and its partners. The most active participants of the public poll will get free invitations to the Annual Favorites of Success Awarding Ceremony.
The Honor Board of active voters 2019 (269)
Are you live in Ukraine? Buying products, using various services? Make choose daily? Vote in 100 or more nominations of the Contest, and perpetuate your name in the Honor Board of 2019! Here on FAVOR.com.ua your opinion does matter!
Currently this list are empty. Please check out it later, or view the list of previous year experts.