The member board of the Celebrities jury includes the most famous and recognizable people of Ukraine  the stars, celebrities. They influence the formation of tastes and preferences of Ukrainians and they are the pride of the nation, role models and heroes of the younger generation. These persons reached the undoubted success in their own area of ​​activity that can adequately assess the successes and others. Such people are, without exaggeration, could be called as experts on success, because each one of them is the successful person.

Celebrities Jury 2017 (66)
You are viewing the list of expert committees of current, unfinished year. In these lists are displayed only those persons who already confirmed their participation by filling the vote questionaire. By the end of the year, this list can be significally grown, filling up with new persons.
View Dmytro Harbuzs profile
Voted in 562 nominations.
Abstained in 15 of them.
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Inessa Mikhno
Voted in 101 nominations.
Abstained in 1 of them.
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Voted in 71 nominations.
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Gave vote in 4 nominations.
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 (107,4 FM)
Voted in 1 nomination.
View Olga Yunakovas profile
Rated the contestants in 205 nominations.
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United Media Holding
Voted in 174 nominations.
View Alexander Skazkins profile
General producer of the Voice of Capital radio
Rated the contestants in 139 nominations.
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Gave vote in 118 nominations.
View  s profile
Rated the contestants in 116 nominations.
View Lena Chycheninas profile
Rated the contestants in 114 nominations.
View Denis Lubimovs profile
Rated the contestants in 114 nominations.
View Anna Alishers profile
Rated the contestants in 108 nominations.
View Alexander Andryushchenkos profile
Photographer, photojournalist
Voted in 111 nominations.
Abstained in 4 of them.
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Voted in 105 nominations.
View Maksym Maliks profile
Kley Ugrumogo band
Rated the contestants in 104 nominations.
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Voted in 104 nominations.
View Iryna Ostrovskas profile
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Irina Ostrovskaya
Gave vote in 102 nominations.
View Aida Nikolaychuks profile
Voted in 101 nominations.
Abstained in 1 of them.
View Slava Kolodyazhniys profile
SKmusic Production
SKmusic production
Voted in 81 nominations.
Abstained in 1 of them.
View Alexander Galkins profile
Rated the contestants in 51 nominations.
View Victoria Semenenkos profile
partner tv channel MaxxiTV
Voted in 67 nominations.
Abstained in 16 of them.
View Alexandra Vovchenkos profile
Singer Sasha Ray
PR-Event agency   GLORY
Gave vote in 45 nominations.
View Andre Tans profile
Andre Tan
Rated the contestants in 27 nominations.
View Assols profile
Voted in 23 nominations.
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Rated the contestants in 22 nominations.
View Vlad Sytniks profile
Rated the contestants in 19 nominations.
View Auroras profile
Voted in 9 nominations.
View Olga Kochetkovas profile
Rated the contestants in 7 nominations.
View Artem Mekhs profile
Ukranian singer, musician, songwriter
Rated the contestants in 6 nominations.
View  s profile
Rated the contestants in 5 nominations.
View Aliona Zhigariovas profile
Voted in 3 nominations.
View Artem Atepalihins profile
Managing Partner, LEMAN International Law Group
View Vyacheslav Solomkas profile
Actor and TV-host