The member board of the Celebrities jury includes the most famous and recognizable people of Ukraine  the stars, celebrities. They influence the formation of tastes and preferences of Ukrainians and they are the pride of the nation, role models and heroes of the younger generation. These persons reached the undoubted success in their own area of ​​activity that can adequately assess the successes and others. Such people are, without exaggeration, could be called as experts on success, because each one of them is the successful person.

Celebrities Jury 2017 (86)
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³ , , , ,
Voted in 367 nominations.
Abstained in 29 of them.
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Voted in 325 nominations.
Abstained in 17 of them.
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Singer, hostess, actress, composer, poetess
Voted in 301 nominations.
Abstained in 1 of them.
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Rated the contestants in 236 nominations.
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Rated the contestants in 205 nominations.
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 (107,4 FM)
Voted in 195 nominations.
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, -
Publishing House United Media Holding
Rated the contestants in 174 nominations.
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, 쳿, , , ,
Rated the contestants in 142 nominations.
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Producer, Project Manager (Event, PR, SMM)
Voted in 176 nominations.
Abstained in 35 of them.
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Andre Tan
Gave vote in 125 nominations.
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Voted in 123 nominations.
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, ,
Voted in 118 nominations.
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Voted in 116 nominations.
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Voted in 114 nominations.
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Voted in 114 nominations.
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Photographer, photojournalist
Voted in 111 nominations.
Abstained in 4 of them.
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Rated the contestants in 108 nominations.
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,, ", , ,, , 䳿
Rated the contestants in 106 nominations.
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, Ƴ ,
Voted in 105 nominations.
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, , , Rumberos Art-Group
Voted in 105 nominations.
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Kley Ugrumogo band
Rated the contestants in 104 nominations.
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, , , , , , -
Gave vote in 104 nominations.
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Rated the contestants in 103 nominations.
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, - ² ( ),
Irina Ostrovskaya
Rated the contestants in 102 nominations.
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Voted in 101 nominations.
Abstained in 1 of them.
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SKmusic Production
SKmusic production
Voted in 100 nominations.
Abstained in 1 of them.
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Inessa Mikhno
Voted in 101 nominations.
Abstained in 1 of them.
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roducer of young musicians
Voted in 101 nominations.
Abstained in 1 of them.
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Voted in 99 nominations.
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Voted in 79 nominations.
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, , ,
Rated the contestants in 76 nominations.
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partner tv channel MaxxiTV
Voted in 80 nominations.
Abstained in 16 of them.
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Singer Sasha Ray
PR-Event agency   GLORY
Voted in 63 nominations.
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Voted in 58 nominations.
View  s profile
Rated the contestants in 57 nominations.
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Gave vote in 53 nominations.
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Rated the contestants in 46 nominations.
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, , ̳
Rated the contestants in 44 nominations.
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, , 95 , ׳NEWS 1+1,
Gave vote in 39 nominations.
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- ̳
Voted in 35 nominations.
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Lavina Music
Rated the contestants in 31 nominations.
View Nazar-Haidar Khassans profile
Voted in 31 nominations.
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Voted in 29 nominations.
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Voted in 29 nominations.
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Managing Partner, LEMAN International Law Group
Rated the contestants in 28 nominations.
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, ...
Gave vote in 28 nominations.
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Gave vote in 27 nominations.
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Actor and TV-host
Rated the contestants in 27 nominations.
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, Cocos
Rated the contestants in 25 nominations.
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Gave vote in 22 nominations.
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Rated the contestants in 22 nominations.
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Gave vote in 21 nominations.
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, ,
Rated the contestants in 21 nominations.
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Solodko & Partners
Rated the contestants in 28 nominations.
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Voted in 19 nominations.
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, . , 2014.
Gave vote in 19 nominations.
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, , -
Rated the contestants in 16 nominations.
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Voted in 14 nominations.
View Olga Kochetkovas profile
Voted in 12 nominations.
View  s profile
Gave vote in 10 nominations.
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Music producer
Gave vote in 4 nominations.
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, , ,
Rated the contestants in 4 nominations.
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Business-trainer, couch
Isaac Pintosevich Systems
Rated the contestants in 3 nominations.
View Olga Vasilyuks profile
Voted in 3 nominations.
View Galina Drachs profile Model
Voted in 82 nominations.
Abstained in 1 of them.
View Alex Zaharchuks profile Singer
Alex Zakharchuk
Voted in 88 nominations.
Abstained in 17 of them.
View s profile
Rated the contestants in 53 nominations.
View  s profile , ̳ ϳ .
Voted in 51 nominations.
Abstained in 1 of them.
View  s profile
Voted in 22 nominations.
View  s profile Singer, People artist of Ukraine
Gave vote in 18 nominations.
View Simona Borodinas profile , ,
Gave vote in 14 nominations.
View Lora Superfins profile Singer
Gave vote in 6 nominations.
View  s profile VERMICHELLE
Gave vote in 3 nominations.
View Alexander Tulinovs profile , ,
Rated the contestants in 2 nominations.
View Nika Trublovskayas profile , COCOS
Voted in 1 nomination.
View ³ s profile (-, , !)
STB TV Channel
Voted in 1 nomination.