New persons in the Expert Jury
During the week the special Jury of the trade marks Award “Favorites of Success – 2018” has enriched by 4 of the industry Experts and 1 member of the starry Celebrities Jury.
category votes comments
Condiments and spices 81 92
Flour 80 1
Chocolate bar 79 71
Groats 79 5
Pasta (noodles, spaghetti) 75 43
Mineral water 71 49
Waffles 71 1
Chocolate candy bar 70 34
category votes comments
Kid’s stuff online store 66 43
Clothing online-store 52 78
Bank 38 43
National operator of mobile communications 34 65
Internet banking 33 11
category votes comments
Taxi services (mobile application) 46 1
Cosmetics and perfumery store 40 16
Network of non-food stores 39 1
Carrier services 37 44
Cargo carrier in Ukraine 36 264
Discount and bonus system in trade network 36 3
category votes comments
Male singer 414 2979
Female singer 200 2005
TV-show host 181 230
Male band 158 951
Рок-група 149 18
category votes comments
Building, constructions and home improvement portal 40 11
Entertainment channel 38 31
National TV-channel 35 31
City life, fashion and culture web-site 32 3
News channels 32 10
Music channel 30 34
Partners of the Favorites of Success Award
During last week the Experts Jury of the trade marks award “Favorites of Success – 2018” has been enriched by 4 of the industry specialists, the profiessional experts of different areas of consumer market! Read more...
Олена Олександрівна Погребняк – Медичний директор МЦ «Превент клініка», керівник дослідницьких та освітніх проектів ВКО «Асоціація превентивної медицини», канд. мед. наук, асистент кафедри загальної практики (сімейної медицини) Національного медичного університету імені О. О. Богомоль
Volodymyr Nikishayev – President Ukrainian Association of Endoscopy, FD, MD
Vitaly Anastas’ev – sales manager
Олеся Тарасенко – Власниця, блогер, trendsetter, PR, організатор заходів, громадський діяч, ArtKids, директор Всеукраїнського об’єднання організацій роботодавців санаторно-курортних та оздоровчих закладів.
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New members of Celebrities Jury
During last week the mission of the “Favorites of Success” Award has supported 1 new member of the starry Celebrities Jury, who pointed their personal preferences in the number of nominations! More...
Карина Ільїна-Карімова – Телеведущая, актриса, project manager
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