By the conditions of the competition, the membership of experts committee being formed strictly in accordance with the original methodics. All experts are guarantee the qualitative and unprejudiced valuation of contests participants with their professionalism and the good name.

Specialists of 2018 in Dietary supplements category(41)
View Anatoliy Andreevs profile
, , (
Voted in 46 nominations.
Abstained in 1 of them.
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(. )
Voted in 8 nominations.
Abstained in 1 of them.
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, 䳺,
Voted in 24 nominations.
Abstained in 1 of them.
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, ,
Rated the contestants in 7 nominations.
View Victor Doroschuks profile
Voted in 7 nominations.
View Konstantin Gordovskiys profile
Gave vote in 7 nominations.
View Dmitry Ivanovs profile
˳-, . 㳿 - ﳿ ,
Gave vote in 6 nominations.
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Head of the project
Voted in 52 nominations.
Abstained in 10 of them.
View Lidia Kolotovas profile
Gave vote in 24 nominations.
View Sergey Kosenkos profile
Rated the contestants in 74 nominations.
View Volodymyr Kryvenoks profile
Family doctor
Rated the contestants in 50 nominations.
View Lidia Markovas profile
MPR Communications Group, general director
Rated the contestants in 93 nominations.
View Eduard Nasyrovs profile
, 1+1, Happyfood
Rated the contestants in 100 nominations.
View Volodymyr Nikishayevs profile
President Ukrainian Association of Endoscopy, FD, MD
Voted in 39 nominations.
View Anastasiya Oleksiienkos profile
Fashion blogger,
Voted in 17 nominations.
View Olga Pecharskaias profile
Specialist in childrens products, mother of four children and a housewife
Voted in 62 nominations.
Abstained in 4 of them.
View Liliya Pomaznayas profile
Cosmetical technologist
Voted in 54 nominations.
View Sergey Pukhliks profile
, , 㳿
Voted in 14 nominations.
Abstained in 1 of them.
View Vira Ivanivna Pyrohovas profile
, ..., . . , 㳿 㳿 .
Rated the contestants in 23 nominations.
View Georgiy Selyukovs profile
, 㳿 㳿, . ..
Rated the contestants in 1 nomination.
View Yuliya Sinozhinskayas profile
˳-, ,
Voted in 26 nominations.
View Alina Skalas profile
Voted in 18 nominations.
View Yuriy Skolozdras profile
Rated the contestants in 36 nominations.
View Vladimir Vasilievs profile
˳ , , .
Gave vote in 11 nominations.
View Irena Yanchuks profile
Estet Beauty Expo InterCHARM,, - LuckyUkraine
Rated the contestants in 26 nominations.
View   s profile
Dobrobut Medical Centre
Voted in 19 nominations.
View  ˺s profile
Voted in 4 nominations.
View Natalia Kosinogas profile ,
Rated the contestants in 28 nominations.
View Elena Lubenoks profile 㳿
Voted in 58 nominations.
Abstained in 3 of them.
View Maryna Maievskas profile Drinks+ Communication Media Group Chief Editor, restaurant observer
Voted in 7 nominations.
Abstained in 2 of them.
View Lesya Medvids profile -
Voted in 99 nominations.
View Nadia Mishenkos profile
Voted in 20 nominations.
View Angelina Morozs profile
Voted in 14 nominations.
View Elvira Sabadashs profile
Medical newspaper Health of Ukraine XXI century
Gave vote in 80 nominations.
View Victoria Shapovalovas profile , , , - , ,
Voted in 71 nominations.
Abstained in 1 of them.
View Vladislav Slastins profile 㳿, , ′,
Voted in 10 nominations.
View  s profile -
Rated the contestants in 1 nomination.
View  s profile ˳-䳺, , , -, SpaceBar, SuperSmoozie, -2018
Voted in 48 nominations.
Abstained in 1 of them.
View   s profile -,
Gave vote in 6 nominations.