By the conditions of the competition, the membership of experts committee being formed strictly in accordance with the original methodics. All experts are guarantee the qualitative and unprejudiced valuation of contests participants with their professionalism and the good name.

Specialists of 2018 in Goods for babies and kids category(24)
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˳- . . (. )
Voted in 13 nominations.
Abstained in 2 of them.
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Chief-editor in magazine
Rated the contestants in 7 nominations.
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, ,
Rated the contestants in 7 nominations.
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Gave vote in 86 nominations.
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˳- (.)
Rated the contestants in 14 nominations.
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Gave vote in 49 nominations.
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˳-, . 㳿 - ﳿ ,
Rated the contestants in 6 nominations.
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Rated the contestants in 59 nominations.
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Head of the project
Voted in 52 nominations.
Abstained in 10 of them.
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Rated the contestants in 24 nominations.
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, .
( .)
Gave vote in 62 nominations.
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Family doctor
Voted in 50 nominations.
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Fashion blogger,
Voted in 17 nominations.
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Specialist in childrens products, mother of four children and a housewife
Voted in 62 nominations.
Abstained in 4 of them.
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Cosmetical technologist
Rated the contestants in 54 nominations.
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˳- , ,
VIP - Laserhouse
Gave vote in 84 nominations.
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Dobrobut Medical Centre
Voted in 19 nominations.
View Lesya Medvids profile -
Voted in 99 nominations.
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Medical newspaper Health of Ukraine XXI century
Voted in 80 nominations.
View   s profile , , . . , ( ) . . .
Rated the contestants in 86 nominations.
View  s profile ˳-䳺, , , -, SpaceBar, SuperSmoozie, -2018
Voted in 48 nominations.
Abstained in 1 of them.
View   s profile -,
Gave vote in 6 nominations.